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  by Mathew Cheung  

Impossible, but probable
To touch the intangible
Careless, but sensible
Tangled in a triangle.

And still it seems
Infrared laser beams,
Screensaver dreams,
Haunting devilish screams--

Heard in outer space
Or some far off place;
Heard by a race
With a different face.

Hello, hello, hello...
Voice like a cello
Deep fine and mellow
Explosive like bellow.

Out in the open
Like a token in a fountain,
Drenched, wet, and soaken
Softly, quietly spoken:

"Tell me a fable
Tell me a tale
But let me be able
To tell Caine from Abel."

Watch me as I rise
Away from my disguise
Which I cleverly devised
To hide my own demise.

Copyright 2002