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  I see temptations
Around every corner
In every form and color,
In subtle whispers
In the dark
And enticing remarks
That stray my concentration,
Drawing me off track
Rouses that echoed
Through my mind.
Should I go ahead
And take the treat?
Succumb to conceit?
The inviting teat.
I want to succumb,
I long to capitulate,
Surrender to my whim.
I want to do it
But I shouldn't do it,
But alas, I must submit
To errs of reason:
Avoid enchanting vixens
And charming sins
With all my recourse
Maintain course,
And even if the wind
Seems to rescind
And the waves begin to rise
Stand strong, reprise,
Remain afloat,
Resist temptation
'Til my destination.

Copyright 2002