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The Poet Tree This poem is an ode to poetry.  It's about what poetry means to me.


City Lights I wrote this poem during a hotel party on the top of the Western Bon Adventure, Los Angeles.  I should have been attending to the party but I was caught up in a brief moment of inspiration and had to put pen to paper (a piece of napkin at the time)
Destination Road This poem was written during college when my future seemed to lack any sort of direction.  Allusions made to Robert Frost's "Road Less Taken."
Dusk and Dawn This poem was written in high school, many years ago.


Falling Stars

I have yet to see a falling star.  Twenty four years on this earth and never seen one and its not that I'm not looking at the sky.


Fragments of a Dream I can't say that I've ever remembered a dream that I've had.  Here's a poem about a dream I would like to have had.


How it Goes This poem is a comment on how we know nothing.  Despite all of our advances in education and academia, research and development, we still cannot answer some of the most fundamental questions that we have been asking since the beginning of time.
Lost There were hills and there were valleys.  This was probably written while I was in a valley.


Needle Its like finding a needle in a haystack, actually its not that hard to find.


Nothing I was sitting at home listening to some good music streamed off KCRW and my mind just got lost in the music. My thoughts began to wonder and I wrote this poem.
Reality Some people just have a different obscure way of seeing the world around them...


Seen War, what is it good for...


Sky's Eye's and Misery This is an attempt at something new I'm trying out; I'm trying to capture the randomness of my thoughts as it jumps from subject to subject while I was composing this poem. I hope it worked.
The Last Time I wrote this piece after college was over when everyone was going their separate ways.  I don't know why I decided to end it on an opomistic note, I could have easily gone the other way.
Untitled There is a hidden theme in this piece.  Still unable to find a suitable title.


Temptations The hardest part about life right now is resisting temptations.