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by Mathew Cheung




I may have stolen
The golden chariot
And riden it halfway
To Camelot;
But on the way
I must have fallen,
Fallen awake.
For as I opened
My eyes to look
Around I saw
What I mistook
To obviously be
Nothing like reality.

So much pain
Like acid rain,
Pin pricks and needles
Running through my veins.
Such calamity
I didn't want to see,
So I closed my eyes
Once more
To return to
What was reality.

And so, I was riding
On an angel's back
Through a sky
That was completely black
And we were singing,
And I didn't think
It was strange--
Flying right through
A cloud mountain range.
But as we were flying
I must have fallen off.
But I can't remember
The long fall, the drop.

I opened my eyes
And soon realized
Everything was unreal,
The next thing I knew
The sky had turned blue,
And it started hurting again.
Gone was my friend.
But then,
Once again
I closed my eyes.
And too my surprise,
Out of nowhere
A road had appeared
And where the road bends
I saw Paradise...
Where the world ends.


Copyright 2002