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by Mathew Cheung


I've yet to see
A falling star.
Is it just me
Or is it too far?

I've gazed and gazed
Many a nights
And passing days
With still no sight

What is wrong?
I've been watching
For way too long
Eagerly waiting, and waiting.

For when the stars have fallen
When can I see them fall?
Tears from heaven
On down a midnight wall.

Something purely inspirational,
Right on the verge
Of sensational.
To captivate my urge--

To rise and excite
My imagination
Of a streak of light
With no destination.

Star-crossed phenomenon
On a celestial plane,
Quick dissentions
Like drops of rain.

I've yet to see
A falling star.
It has to be me,
It can't be that far.


Copyright 2002